Monday, November 11, 2013

Martinstag and Laternefest!

There are two churches in our town. There is a Catholic church and an Evangelist church. Last year the Martinstag celebration was held in the Catholic church and this year it was held in the Evangelist church. This is interesting because  Evangelists don't have saints but as one of my neighbors pointed out to me, everyone and everything has been here a long time and everything gets a little mixed up. If you look the picture above you'll notice that the background doesn't look like an evangelist church anyway, because it's actually an old Catholic church building converted to an evangelist church. 

That is where Sophia gave her first church talk. And she rocked it. I was super proud. Not a hesitation. She gave her little part in a clear voice and smiled big right at me when both her parts were done.  She felt like such a superstar all night because she did so well. Here's a video of her saying her first little part. You probably can't even hear it, but I was so proud I had to include it.

Walking with lanterns.

This little girl was dressed up unconvincingly as St. Martin. I was not fooled.

Singing wit Jamin, Sophia's best friend.

I don't know what dinosaur cookies have to do with St Martin's day, but the girls loved them.

I saw this on our walk home: beam me up Scotty!

See the blatant hero worship in Gracie's eyes?

This girls wants to be exactly like her sisters.

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Katie Lewis said...

Yay! Way to go Soaps! You ARE a rock star.