Thursday, November 14, 2013

Welcome to Ikea!

Over the past few months I have been getting real furniture for the older girls room. Their furniture used to consist of two plastic sets of drawers, Jojo's toddlers bed, and two army-loaned mattresses stacked on each other that we called Sophie's bed. Now, because I love Ikea and I love bunkbeds, this is what their room looks like.

This is Sophie's bed. The little cover thing came for free when I bought one of the bunkbeds off the equivalent of Craigslist here. I thought it would be a problem only having one--but Jojo doesn't like the dark so she didn't want it.

And here is Jojo's side. At night time I sit on the bench made by their drawers and lean against the heater while I read Little House on the Prairie to them. Well, while I USED to read Little House on the Prairie to them. We just finished tonight. We also started Little House in the Big Woods.

And here, is me being brilliant. The area under Jojo's bed is kind of dark. Eventually, I am going to go to Ikea again and buy two more mattresses (and some hot dogs) for the bottom bunks. I'm also going to make little curtains for them. I wanted some kind of light...but I didn't want them to bang their heads on it or burn their fingers on the bulb...then I remembered we have a bunch of Christmas lights I got on clearance last year. Problem solved! I am so smart and goodlooking.

Also, speaking of me being an awesome mom (probably better than all of you), now that Sophie is kind of on a roll memorizing stuff, I want her to memorize more. We memorized the first article of faith today (Seriously, it's so easy for her. I can't decide if she's just a genius (probably smarter than your kids) or I am just very bad at memorizing (I am horrific at memorizing). But either way, I figure memorizing things is something that as a society we do less and less, and I think is a valuable tool. Also, it's cool to memorize things.

But the articles of faith are a) kind of boring and b) something tons of people are going to have her memorize. I thought poetry might be a cool way to start. For about five minutes I had a little daydream about my girls belting out Tyger Tyger. But...the poetry for kids is boring to me, and the poetry I like is boring for kids. Maybe we will just do songs, actually. I don't need to make this into something hard. We'll do ones they like. In other words---we are going to memorize all of High School Musical 1, 2 and 3.

Also, do you remember when I posted about the book Eleanor and Park? Well, the author has written two other books and I have now read both of them. Ohmygoodnesssogood. Yesterday I was in a bit of a funk because I finished her last book and another one doesn't come out until next JULY. That is forever. I can't bring myself to read anything else, it's just going to depress me until I can forget for a little bit how awesome her book are. I wish I hadn't read them so fast. 

Also, I am having a real problem caring about other people lately. I can't imagine why I should care about anything when CHRIS IS COMING HOME!  Who cares about primary programs, doing laundry, getting Sophia registered for school next year, talking to other humans? Who cares about life after December? Not me. I try to care. But it's like trying to focus on something really far away. Your eyes get tired and you pick something easier to CHRIS COMING HOME!

This post has rambled long enough.


Kathy Haynie said...

Hahaha - I know at least one furniture snob who doesn't consider Ikea products to be "real furniture." (i.e, they're made with some kind of wood product instead of REAL wood.) Not me. I love love love Ikea. Excellent designs, excellent prices. So glad you're reading Little House in the Big Woods with your darling girls. I still remember the chapter about the panther! And the lost pocket - awesome. Sorry, that's as far as I'm going so I don't give any spoilers. Yay! Chris is coming home!!

Katie Lewis said...

1. I love Ikea so so much.
2. I feel really honored that you talked to me today since I am a human being.
3. Duh! Just read my book. It will totally fill the void of excellent fiction. Sewing books for beginners always do.
4. You should get Sophie to memorize something really long and impressive so she'll get featured on Oprah and get you free beauty products and stuff.
5. Hot dog beds = the way of the future.

Jaime said...

Maybe a Shel Silverstein poem? Something with some rhythm? "I'm being swallowed by a boa constrictor..."? That one's kind of long but there are lots of short ones!

You totally inspired me to do NaBloPoMo! I saw your post on the first of the month and thought "oh yeah, that's a thing! And it looks really fun, I think I'll go write a blog post too!" Basically you're my hero. Not Chris over in Afghanistan, risking his life in service of our country. (Ok, maybe the both of you. You're both pretty inspiring.) Hooray for Chris coming home!

Bryan Lewis said...

Your eyes get tired when you try to focus on something far away? Hmm.. When was your last eye exam?