Sunday, November 10, 2013

Well, at least it is still Sunday in the U.S.

I forgot to post before I went to bed. I'm only up now because Jojo woke up and started crying because her blanket wasn't on her straight. (Sometimes kids are jerks.) At least I remembered I needed to post.

Here are some items of significance:

1. After a whole year, Jojo is finally potty-trained!

2. Sophia has memorized her lines for Laternefest perfectly which is  good because it's tomorrow.

3. We were also give her part for the Primary program today. When I told her about it she asked if it was in German. When I said no she said, "It will be sooo easy!" True.

4. Gracie just woke up again. For the fourth time tonight. She has a cold.

5. I am wearing my footie pajamas again.

Happy Veteran's Day.


Patricia said...

I hope you can get a nap later today after a night like that.

Katie Lewis said...

Bryan and I were wondering why you left a comment on his blog at 4 am your time. He told me that since you were up I should call to chat, but I told him you would probably punch me in the face if I called while all of your children were sleeping. So, you know, proof that I like you and stuff. And that I like not being punched in the face.