Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Some repeats

So if you blog only one month a year, every year, you are bound to get some repeated themes. There's usually Halloween recaps and Thanksgiving posts, but this year we also have two other holidays to celebrate: Laternefest and the Kleintieraustellung. If you remember, last year I was super excited for Laternefest and it ended up being super boring and full of crying baby at the the end. This year, I had decided that we were just going to skip the whole boring Catholic church service, and just jump into the parade at the end which would make Laternefest last a total of 15 minutes for us. But it turns out that since Sophia is now five and a Vorschulkind, she has a part in the program. So not only do we have to go, we have to prepare for the Catholic service. Since Sophie was too nervous to give her part in the primary program last year, her first participation in a church program will be in German in a Catholic church celebrating St. Martin's Day.

Every child has one little line to say. Except for one kid, who has two lines. And that kid is Sophia.
That's right. They gave the one non-German twice as much to say as everyone else. I really don't know why. Sophia asked if it was because she was the only smart kid in her class. I told her that wasn't true, but I hmay have led her to believe that she has a better memory than any of her peers. Partly because she really does have a great memory, and partly because it 's really hard to memorize something in a different language, especially when you can't read. And the German words are not ones she is ncecessarily familiar with from the playground. But we've been working on them. She's memorized one and the other one is a lot easier, so she should get it soom. Laternefest/St Martinstag is on Monday so we have some time still. It will be exciting...boring.

Also this month is the Kleintieraustellung. This is not actually a holiday. Okay, it's not a holiday at all. It's just a small animal show for people who buy livestock. But we went last year and randomly had an awesome time.  I thought it was  a one time event in Konigstein, but yesterday the sign popped up again! So unless something happens we will go later this month. Maybe we will see another bloody egg.

Oh, and I just remembered, our town is having a Christmas Market and we're selling cookies to raise money for the Kindergarten so I have to make cookies again that are beautiful and American so that everyone will love me and my country. I am thinking of snickerdoodles this year. Thoughts? Last year I did those hershey kiss and peanutbutter ones.

Those are the little things I am looking forward to this month.

Also as I was finding the posts for those links above, I came across my favorite knock knock joke, and it's still pretty funny. Enjoy.


Patricia said...

Dear Anna,
You make me smile!
In Berlin Alison and David did Laternefest without the church service thing. We just sang songs and walked with about 100 kids (not exaggerating) with real lit candles inside paper lanterns in the dark on a dry-leaf covered path through a park. It was pretty impressive.

Lisa Lou said...

What about pumpkin cookies? Have you ever tried the super duper easy recipe that only uses one box of spice cake mix, one can of pumpkin and chocolate chips? (I've been eating lots...)

Katie Lewis said...

What about reeses peanut butter cups? I hear Germans love peanut butter.

heh heh...

Chris said...

Even though I have been tracking the drama and Sophie's victory over the sentences, I had forgotten how boring that service was. I just remember that when Gracie was crying and whiny, I got to stand up and take her out of the chapel, and I was really glad.
Good luck handling that alone with a wiggly kid on either side of you. At least it will be right next to our house.

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Bridget said...

Here is my advice for the bake sale thing: fruit pizza. Stay with me here. I struggled with this every year that we lived here (there is always a Global Day celebration at school where we are supposed to bring a national dish), until last year. I made red/white/blue fruit pizza and it was SUCH A HIT. People have mentioned it to me since. I don't even know that it tasted fabulous, but it looked so American. Here is the recipe: Just leave out the chocolate drizzle. I made mine in a rectangle, cut it into small rectangles, and decorated each with blueberries in the corner and then strawberries on the rest to approximate a flag. Anyway, that's my advice.

Becky said...

Anna you make me smile too.