Saturday, November 9, 2013

I guess I just got a little carried away

So, as I was taking my pumpkin chocolate chip cookies out of the oven today, I realized that I had quite a few sweet things in my house. Let me catalog them for you

1. half a batch of the aforementioned cookies (the other half is still dough)
2. a pumpkin pie
3. a whole cake
4. a tub of ice cream
5. a package of cinnamon ice cream stars (I have never had these before. They looked intriguing which is why we have them.)
6. a large bowl full of leftover Halloween candy

Now is the part where I tell you about the party we are about to have/recently had that explains these things. Nope. We haven't done anything with friends in days. This has somehow just...accumulated. It's crazy too, because I don't even like ice cream. And I don't mind pumpkin, but I don't ever crave it. And yet...

I don't know how this even happened. I also don't know whether to feel delighted or disgusted.

Also--side note--thanks to Laura Ingalls Wilder my daughters are terrified of Indians. Well, Native Americans, but they don't know them by that name. Whenever they are trying to scare me, they pretend to be Indians. Sophie was looking in a Playmobil catalog and came across a cute little Indian girl figure with a baby on her back. She looked at me with wide eyes and whispered, "Look Mom! Scary!" Awesome.


Katie Lewis said...

I don't think there is enough room in this comment box for me to list off all the sugary things we have in the house right now and my only excuse is that this baby boy is 100% made of sugar. I'd be worried for his future, but Olivia was made of sugar too, and look how nicely she's turning out? So whatevs. We had the sister missionaries over tonight and one of them was allergic to the delicious cookies I made, so I offered her some Oreos instead. She ate one. ONE. ONE OREO. Who even does that?! I sent her home with more in a baggie because, seriously.

Also, your package full of Indian and shark presents will be in the mail soon.

Heather said...

Let's blame your husband. You have to eat sweets for two people in his absence. :)