Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Christmas postponed

Remember how Sophie threw up last night? Well, she continued to throw up every hour. I got out a bunch of quilts and made a little bed on her floor so I could be close by. The good news is that she is now a profi at throwing up without getting it on herself. This is a good skill for a kid to have.

So of course we were wrecked the next morning, and she was still throwing up. I got my awesome neighbor Martina to sit with her while I took Jojo to school. It turns out I shouldn't have bothered because they handed Jojo back to me later, in new clothes, because now she is sick too. Oh, and now I am sick too, but I haven't thrown up yet, so I have that going for me.

Here's the thing though--I don't mind this part of motherhood. In fact I think I really get this part of being a parent. I get frustrated with a lot of parenting. Part of this is that a lot of parenting is annoying, and another part is that it is hard for me (and I suspect most people) to keep the eternal perspective of parenting in front of me all the time. For example, I just read Bridget's post for today and I found myself huddled over the computer in a cringe as I remembered what colicky babies are like. That wasn't even the subject of the post, it was just mentioned. Oh the horror. For real, that is a dark part of life. Good luck, Bridget.

But a sick kid,who needs her mom---I get it. I don't even mind. I am glad to be there. Which is really good, because this house is full of sick kids lately. So, I am not sure how much sleep I am going to get tonight (good news, Sophie hasn't thrown up this evening yet), but I will be fine. It doesn't even make me extra sad that Chris isn't here to help even. It feels run of the mill, a normal parenting task, like packing a snack for school.

Speaking of Chris, he had his last day of internet today. He hasn't been able to Skype for about a week, and he won't be able to use internet until he's back at Kandahar. Also, he only has MRE's to eat. Which are really really gross. This is sad for him, but happy for me because it means he will be home so soon! And he isn't going on any missions anymore, which is also good news.

So that's it, oh, except the title: Christmas postponed. Sickness kind of killed our Christmas plans. But we did get the wreath on the door, so at least our neighbors know we share Christmas solidarity with them.


Bridget said...

I had never put it into words like you did, but this is true for me, too! I am sad for my kids when they're sick, but you're right that it's at least a straightforward part of parenting. It also brings out my more nurturing side. I'll be thinking about this post next time my kids are sick (just please don't let it be The Throw Ups). Goodspeed and get well soon!

Kathy Haynie said...

I was ok when they were sick, except I hate cleaning barf out of carpets and beds. Gagged me every time. Poor babies. I wasn't very sympathetic. (Side note: I personally haven't thrown up in 20+ years. Do bodies lose that ability? I'm healthy but…)

And chicken pox. Yes, I'm pulling out the "back in my day" card. Ugh. Five children x taking turns getting the pox = six weeks cooped up with feverish itchy kids. Glad I can check that one off the list!

Good luck with everyone getting better soon. Looking forward to Christmas being reinstated. I bet Chris is SO excited.