Monday, November 25, 2013

Waterproof mascara: a lot of commitment

The truth is, my life is boring right now. I am in complete waiting mode. Chris comes home next week. NEXT WEEK. I was trying to think of interesting things I have been thinking about...but I haven't been thinking interesting things. Only planning. Silly, unimportant planning. What I'm going to wear, what the girls are going to wear. What we're going to have for dinner--something super delicious that I can make beforehand. If he comes home at midnight, should I wake up the girls and take them (there's a little ceremony) or should I just get a sitter?  Should I skip naps so the girls go to sleep early or be super diligent about naps so that they aren't wrecks (silly question: super diligent. If they don't get their naps they don't sleep soundly).

Also, this is silly, but I am trying to constantly remind myself that Chris is taller than me. Every time I see Chris after a long absence I am always shocked that he is not my size. I think this is because I think of him very much like a part of me. Not in a creep way. In a nice way. And apparently not a tall way. Anyway, finding him a different size that he is in my mind always intimidates me a little. (Just so you know, people taller than me don't intimidate me. Just when unexpectedly tall people.) It doesn't last long, but I am trying to eliminate it.

I am also debating whether to wear mascara when we go get him. On the one hand, I look better in mascara and it makes things feel fancy. On the other hand, I am going to cry and I don't want to look like a raccoon. On a third hand, I am going to cry which will make me look terrible no  matter what. On the fourth hand, nobody will care. I don't really trust waterproof mascara.That seems like a lot of commitment. There is no apparent way to get it off.

I have five blog posts left, and I don't know how many different ways I can write the same thing: I miss my friend.


Lisa Lou said...

Wanna know something funny? Sometimes I forget how short I am. Just ink everyone is the same height as me, until I we a picture of Mark and I together and then I'm like "dang, who's the shorty?!" Also, waterproof mascara is the best. Seriously. As a long time contact wearer and constant watery eyes, I know some tricks to getting it off. Use a little lotion, Vaseline, or olive or coconut oil and rub it into your lashes. It'll come right off. Magical.

Katie Lewis said...

Man, I feel exactly the same way about waterproof mascara. I totally don't trust it. The irony in my case, though, is that I never use makeup remover anyway, so I don't know why it would bug me that waterproof mascara might stay on, you know, just as long as my regular mascara.

Becky said...

Waterproof all the way.